Yikes! College Graduation! What’s My Next Step? How Do I Find a Job in Life Sciences? Careers in Pharmaceuticals?

Okay, you’re approaching the end of your formal education and college is winding down. Lots of years on Mom and Dad’s dime and lots of knowledge learned. Now, how do you apply those learnings in the real world where you’ll hopefully launch into a sphere of challenge and excitement? How do you find the best recent college graduate jobs for careers in pharmaceuticals?

Bold Next Step is here to help by providing advice on entry level positions and popular pharmaceutical industry careers, as well as providing a number of resources to help find life science jobs.

Before we get started discussing pharmaceutical entry level positions out of college, did you know?

Biopharmaceutical companies invest $75+ billion in research and development in the U.S.

The biopharmaceutical industry supports over 4.7 million jobs across the U.S.

There are 7,000+ medicines in development globally with roughly 3,500 compounds being studied in the U.S. alone

In 2016, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved 27 new medicines

Pharmaceutical Careers

As people age, they need more medications, diagnostic testing, medical devices and general healthcare – these are going to be growth industries in the foreseeable future based on just patient numbers alone.

Entry Level Positions

Graduates with all kinds of educational backgrounds and college degrees can apply for entry level positions in life science companies. Find out the most popular ones today!

Job Resources

Trying to figure out what path you want to follow post-graduation can be a daunting, even overwhelming task. Fear not! There are many tools to help you figure out potential paths to follow.

How Do I Know What Type of Recent College Graduate Jobs to Go After? KNOW THYSELF!

“What recent college graduate jobs should I search for?” After graduating from college 40 years ago and wrestling with that very question, I watched my children, nieces, nephews and children of my many colleagues do the very same thing as they tried to figure out career options. The simple answer is most of us have no idea what we want to do. We’ve completed many years of education and learned a lot of facts and problem solving techniques, but the issue we wrestle with is how to apply that knowledge. What industry? What role? Where will I do it?

The ancient Greeks talked about “knowing themselves” and “understanding thyself.” That’s an important starting point in determining the type of career or job that you’d like to pursue after graduation. If you know the types of things that you enjoy doing, this will help guide you toward the roles that might be interesting to you as you approach the job market.

In fact, take it to a higher level and see if you can define what you love doing – pick something that you are passionate about and see if there is a job opportunity aligned with that passion. Questions to think about as you determine the type of role that you’re going to pursue – Is there a need for the type of work that you’ll be doing? Are you good at this type of work? Can you earn a living doing this type of work? When it comes to careers in pharmaceuticals and life sciences, the answer is often yes!

Bold Next Step Encourages All New Graduates to ‘Define Your Ikigai’

The graphic below outlines Ikigai, which is a Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being.” This is something we all wrestle with once we leave the comfort of our college years and are no longer living under our parents’ roof. The time comes to enter the real world and start earning a living. Everyone has an Ikigai and it can help young adults find their ideal path, but it sometimes requires a lengthy search to find it.

Begin Your Future Today

If you find yourself overwhelmed searching for recent college graduate jobs or do not know where to begin searching for careers in pharmaceuticals and life sciences, Bold Next Step is here to help. Please take the time to glance through our site. If you find yourself needing more assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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