Meet Mark Soufleris –
President and Founder of Bold Next Step

Mark’s Story

mark-souflerisI started Bold Next Step because I’m passionate about helping new college graduates learn about the many exciting career opportunities that are available in one of today’s great, growth industries – biopharmaceuticals.

After spending nearly 30 years working for a mix of large and small biopharmaceutical companies and then running two successful executive search practices that focused on building leadership teams for biopharmaceutical companies, I want to help as many new college graduates as I can learn about the incredible personal and professional growth opportunities that exist within this industry.

Growing up in a medical family (Mom was an OR nurse and Dad was an OB-GYN), I went to college thinking that I would become a physician. After graduating with a zoology degree and being unsuccessful in qualifying for medical school, I enrolled in graduate school with the hope of ultimately pursuing a career in a healthcare related industry. Approaching the end of my graduate training, and needing to figure out what I was going to do in the “real world”, I realized that my knowledge of the healthcare industry and careers in it was quite limited. Fortunately, a pharmaceutical company was based in my home town and they were looking to hire new sales representatives. Joining that company as a sales representative was the best career move that I did as it started me on a career path in a growth-oriented industry that truly makes a real difference in people’s lives.

Throughout my career, I had the good fortune to work in commercial leadership roles for biopharmaceutical industry leaders such as Bristol-Myers, Wyeth, Novo Nordisk and Nabi Biopharmaceuticals. I was involved with directing many new product launches and helping to bring life-saving medicines to healthcare professionals and patients. These medicines were used to treat patients with infectious diseases; disorders of the immune system; cardiovascular and nephrology disorders; diabetes; and they also helped critical care teams manage seriously ill patients.

I pivoted into the executive search field after acquiring a pharmaceutical search practice in 2006. I ran that business for 6 years, and subsequently merged with Toft Group serving as a Senior Vice President running the pharmaceutical practice helping our clients build their executive leadership teams.

While I certainly enjoy helping our many clients build their leadership teams, it’s now become my personal mission to help as many new college graduates as I can learn about the incredible career opportunities that await them in the biopharmaceutical industry. I look forward to helping you!