Career Assessment Tools for Recent College Grads

Trying to figure out what path you want to follow post-graduation can be a daunting, even overwhelming task. Fear not! There are many career assessment tools and assessment tests for jobs to help you figure out potential paths to follow. Keep in mind that the decision you make doesn’t lock you into that career path for the rest of your life!

Some of our greatest learnings in life come from knowing what we don’t like to do. So choose a path to follow and, if after giving it a shot, you realize that what you selected isn’t really for you, you’ve learned something about yourself and can now move in a different direction.

Helpful Assessment Tests for Jobs

There are many assessment tests for jobs that can help you learn more about yourself and the skills that you have. These will often lead you to career areas that might be of potential interest to you.

The career assessment links below may be helpful: