An Overview of Privacy and Healthcare Compliance Jobs

healthcare-compliance-jobsHealthcare compliance and privacy is a career area that has been created to champion ethical practice and compliance standards and to provide necessary resources for compliance professionals and others who share these principles. Privacy and healthcare compliance jobs may be part of a company’s Legal Department or as a separate Healthcare Compliance and Privacy department.  The Health Care Compliance Association has been established to offer certification and continuing educational programs as well as a job board to help with career planning.

Are you interested in healthcare compliance jobs? It may be the perfect career for you!

Basic Facts on Privacy and Healthcare Compliance Jobs:

  • Areas of focus – Compliance with company and government policies
  • Entry level position – Compliance Analyst, Compliance Coordinator
  • Entry level position example – Compliance Coordinator
  • Entry level salary range* ( – $41,687 – $61,073
  • Career path – Coordinator / Analyst, Manager, Director, Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer