Life Science Jobs and Pharmaceutical Careers for Recent College Graduates

So many choices – What to do?! What do I do to find a job? How do I go about finding a job? What industry would be a good industry for me to get into? What about life science jobs? Can I get into pharmaceutical careers? These are just a few of the many questions that are going through recent college graduates’ minds as they start to plan the next step in their lives.

After spending a career in the pharmaceutical industry, working for both large and small pharmaceutical companies, and then running an executive search practice that helped place executives into leadership roles for pharmaceutical companies, I wanted to develop a roadmap for recent college graduates to be able to use to find career options within the life science industry.

What is Life Science and Why Should You Consider the Industry?

For purposes of this website, “life sciences” refers to pharma- and bio-pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical device companies that are serving their respective industries. They are all providing goods and services to treat patients for various health issues.

Why are these good industries to consider when you are starting a career? As we look at the aging population which is growing; as people age, they need more drugs, diagnostic testing, medical devices and general healthcare. These are going to be growth industries in the foreseeable future based on just patient numbers alone.

As you think about your career, you want to target industries that are going to be in growth mode, not contracting!

Life science jobs and pharmaceutical careers provide countless people around the world with a career they love. Could it be right for you? Only YOU know the answer to that question!