Medical Affairs Jobs for College Graduates Interested in Life Sciences

medical-affairs-jobsMedical affairs is a function in pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare organizations. Medical affairs actually oversees many responsibilities in the areas of medical communication, MSL, etc. Medical affairs acts like a bridge between medical and commercial groups in the company and the markets.

According to the Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA), the medical affairs department: “…provides medical support for development-stage and commercialized products including post-marketing studies, safety, and surveillance, as well as product support. For medical/drug information, the primary responsibility is to provide a comprehensive, compliant product, and disease state information to [healthcare providers] HCPs and consumers.”

If you are interested in providing medical support, a future in medical information jobs (medical affairs jobs) may be perfect.

Basic Facts on Medical Information Jobs:

  • Areas of focus – Medical Education, Medical Communication, Medical Information Systems, Medical Science Liaisons (field-based MDs, PhDs, or PharmDs in a certain therapeutic area)
  • Entry level positions – Medical Science Liaison – requires advanced degree in life sciences. MS, PhD, PharmD, Nursing
    Medical Writer – requires graduate level degree
  • Entry level position example – Medical Science Liaison (Oncology)
  • Salary range for Medical Science Liaison*(Glassdoor) – $125,000 – $185,000 (average $157,109)
  • Entry level position example – Medical Writer
  • Salary range for Medical Writer* (Glassdoor) – $58,000 – $104,000 (average $80,311)
  • Career path – Medical Affairs Associate, Specialist, Manager, Director, Vice President